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Miscellaneous Information:

Prof. Petar Zhelev Stoyanov, PhD

M.Sc., Forestry, 1985, University of Forestry, Sofia.
Ph.D., Forest Genetics, 1992, University of Forestry, Sofia.


Research interests:

  • Population and evolutionary genetics, dendrology, botany.

Detailed CV and List of selected publications 

Representative publications:

Copyright notice: These files are being made available on the same terms as printed reprints: they may be downloaded for personal use only, but not copied, redistributed or sold to third parties, either electronically or in print.

* Bajc M., Čas M., Ballian D., Kunovac S., Zubić G., Grubešić M., Zhelev P., Paule L., Grebenc T., Krajgher H., 2011. Genetic Differentiation of the Western Capercaillie Highlights the Importance of South-Eastern Europe for Understanding the Species Phylogeography. PLoS ONE 6(8): e23602. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023602

* Grueva M., Zhelev P., 2011. Population genetic structure of Platanus orientalis L. in Bulgaria. ©iForest, 4: 186-189. (

* Brus R., Ballian D., Zhelev P., Pandža M., Bobinac M., Acevski J., Raftoyannis Y., Jarni K., 2011. Absence of geographical structure of morphological variation in Juniperus oxycedrus L. subsp. oxycedrus in the Balkan Peninsula. European Journal of Forest Research, 130 (4): 657-670. PDF

* Slavov G.T., Zhelev P., 2010. Salient biological features, systematics, and genetic variation of Populus. In: Jansson S., Bhalerao R.P., Groover A.T. (Eds.) Genetics and Genomics of Populus. Series: Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models, Vol. 8, Springer Verlag: 15-38. PDF

Kučerová V., Honec M., Paule L., Zhelev P., Gömöry D., 2010. Genetic differentiation of Sorbus torminalis in Eastern Europe as determined by microsatellite markers. Biologia, 65/5: 817-821. PDF

* Zhelev P., Tsarska A., 2009. Genetic diversity in the Bulgarian populations of Pinus peuce Grsb. In: Noshad D., Noh E.W., King J., Sniezko R.A. (eds.). Breeding and Genetic Resources of Five-Needle Pines. Proceedings of the Conference 2008, Yangyang, Korea, Korea Forest Research Institute: 10-16. (ISBN 978-89-8176-605-4 (93520) PDF

* Slavov G.T., Zhelev P., 2004. Allozyme variation, differentiation, and inbreeding in populations of Pinus mugo in Bulgaria. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 34 (12): 2611-2617. (doi:10.1139/x04-127) PDF

* Georgieva M., Zhelev P., 2005. A strategy for gene conservation of Platanus orientalis L. in Bulgaria. In: Chipev N. (ed.) First National Conference of Ecology “Biodiversity – Ecosystems – Global changes”. S., Pentexon: 139-144. (MS version)

* Zhelev P., Ekberg I., Eriksson G., and Norell L., 2003. Genotype x environment interactions in four full-sib progeny trials of Pinus sylvestris (L) with varying site indices. Forest Genetics, 10(2): 93-102. PDF

* Doncheva N., Gagov V., Zhelev P., 2003. Individual heterozygosity distribution in natural Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) populations. Genetics and Breeding, 32 (1-2): 61-67. PDF

* Zhelev P., Gömöry D., and Paule L., 2002. Inheritance and linkage of allozymes in a Balkan endemic, Pinus peuce Griseb. Journal of Heredity, 93: 60-63. PDF

* Yurukov S, Zhelev P., 2001. The woody flora of Bulgaria: a review. Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen, 152, No 2: 52-60. PDF

* Gömöry D., Yakovlev I., Zhelev P., Jedináková J., and Paule L., 2001. Genetic differentiation of oak populations within the Quercus robur/Quercus petraea complex in the Central and Eastern Europe. Heredity, 86 (5): 557-563. PDF

* Gömöry D., Paule L., Brus R., Zhelev P., Tomovic Z., and Gracan J., 1999. Genetic differentiation and phylogeny of beech on the Balkan Peninsula. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 7: 746-754. PDF

* Zhelev P., and Lust N., 1999. Provenance study of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Belgium. I. Evaluation of phenotypic traits. Silva Gandaviensis, 64: 24-30. PDF

* Logauer R., Zhelev P., Paule L. and Gömöry D., 1992. The mating system, outcrossing rate and genetic differentiation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) populations from Bulgaria. Biologia (Bratislava), 47, 7: 539-547. PDF

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