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Address: 10 Kliment Okhridsky Blvd., 1756 Sofia, Building А, office 326
Tel.: (+359 2) 91 907/371
Fax: (+359 2) 862 28 30
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Leads lectures and seminars on the following courses::

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Miscellaneous Information:

Nikolay Ivanov Minkovski – Assoc.Professor, PhD
He graduated the Moscow State University, majoring “Physics” in 1986. He started to work in Sofia University, Institute of Laser Technics as Research Scientist in 1886. In1993 he defended a PhD thesis "Generation of new frequencies using nonlinear optical fibers". After 1997, he is in the University of Forestry as Assistant Professor. Since 2002, he is Associate Professor.

Leads lectures on the following courses:

  • Physics, EQD "Bachelor", specialty "Wood Technology";
  • Physics, EQD "Bachelor", specialty "Forestry";
  • Physics with biophysics (in English), EQD "Master", specialty "Veterinary Medicine";

Leads seminars on the following courses:

  • Physics;
  • Physics with biophysics (in English);

Major fields of scientific interests:

  • Lasers, Laser Techniques;
  • Nonlinear Optics, short (femtosecond) laser pulses;
  • Laser technology;
  • Fiber Optics.

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