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Miscellaneous Information:

Prof. PhD. Ivan Alexandrov Iliev

M.Sc., Landscape Architecture, 1983, University of Forestry, Sofia.
Ph.D., Forest Genetics, 1988, University of Forestry, Sofia.

Assistant, 1988, Genetics and Breeding of Ornamental Plants, University of Forestry, Sofia.
Assoc. Prof., 1995, Genetics and Breeding of Ornamental Plants, University of Forestry, Sofia.
Professor, 2011, Genetics and Breeding of Ornamental Plants, University of Forestry, Sofia.


Major fields of scientific interests:

  • Investigation of the polymorphism of ornamental and forest trees and shrubs;
  • In vivo and in vitro cloning of ornamental and forest trees and shrubs;
  • Investigation of the organogenesis in vitro by karyologycal, anatomical and biochemical methods.

Detailed CV and List of selected publications


Scientific projects
In Bulgaria

  • Iliev N. A., Iliev I. A., Varbeva L. G. (2014-2015). Investigation of the aforestation experience and propagation of sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) Contract 64/6.02.2014, University of Forestry, Member of the project team.


  • Scaltsoyiannes A., Iliev Iv., Iliev N. Zhelev P. et al. (2008). Evaluation, protection and management of the Balkan pine (Pinus peuce Gris.). Final report. Operational programme Intereg III A, PHARE/CBC, Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance & EU., No 25772/YD2156 Greece-Bulgaria, 103 pp. (in Greek, Bulgarian and English). Chairman of the Bulgarian project team.

Educational projects
In Bulgaria

  • “Update of the educational programs for the specialties in Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture”. Contract BG051PO001-3.1.07-0074, FELA, UF, 2014. Member of the project team.
  • “Support for the development of young peoples in the University of Forestry” (2014-2015). Project № BG051PO001-3.3.06-0056, Contract № 30 / 01.10.2013, UF. The project was realized by the financial support of the “Human resources development operational programme”, Cofinanced by European Social Fund of EC. Member of the project team.


  • Iliev I. (2008-continue). Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS). Програма CEEPUS CIII-CZ-0311-04-1112 – Landscape management – Sustainable land use perspectives in the Central European Region. Coordinator of Forest University.

Investment projects
In Bulgaria

  • Iliev I., Zhelev P., Shaban N., Kabatliiska Z., Dimitrova I., Iliev N., Dejanov М., Panajotov М., Kolev G., Teneva А., Cavkov Е., Petkov R., Filipov Ch. (2008-2011). Establishment of university laboratory for biotechnological and molecular investigations in the forestry, agriculture and veterinary medicine. Contract with NSF ДОО2-64/11.12.2008. Chairman of the project team.

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