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Miscellaneous Information:

Tsvetelina Alipieva Nikolova - Chief Assistant Professor, PhD
University education graduated in 2005 in the University of Forestry specialty "Agronomy". I joined the UF as an assistant in 2008 at the Department of "Total agriculture". I am currently Assistant Special industries (Bees and Silkworms) at the Department „Horticulture“, Faculty of Agronomy. In 2014 he is assigned to a doctorate with a dissertation theme: "Changing the biological features of the mulberry butterfly under the influence of feeds collected from areas with high content of heavy metals in the soil". In 2017 he defended his doctoral dissertation. Currently he is an Assistant Special Branches (Bees and Bums) at the Department of Perennials and Horticulture, Faculty of Agronomy.

Leads seminars on the following courses:
• Beekeeping - "Bachelor" spec. Agronomy and Plant Protection;
• Sericulture - "Bachelor" spec. Agronomy and Plant Protection;
• Bee pollination - degree "Master" "Perennials and Horticulture" and Selection and seed production.

Major fields of scientific interests:
• Honey Bee Biology and Bee-Growing Technologies.
• Opportunities for using honey bees and bee products as indicators of environmental pollution
• Biology of the mulberry silk butterfly and breeding technology.
• Influence of heavy metals on silk butterflies.

Detailed CV and List of selected publications

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