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Faculty of Business Management


The training in Industrial Management, comprising two specialties - Forestry Management and Management of Forest Industry was established by the Decision made by the Academic Council of the Higher Institute of Forestry in 1993 and by the Decision made by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria in 1994. Since 1995 the training in both specialties has been carried out in the separate Faculty of Business Management. In 1997 the specialty, under the name Business Management, was transformed in accordance with the official state requirements. Since 2009, the faculty has been accredited to train students in the field of Alternative Tourism.

The educational objective set by the academic staff of the Faculty if Business Management is to train university graduates in Business Management in the three educational and qualification degrees of Bachelor of Sciences, Master of Sciences and PhD.

In the Bachelor course the students acquire fundamental and professional knowledge in the main methodological and methodical issues of the wide-profiled specialty of Administration and Management and Tourism. In the course of training the students acquire essential management skills, ranging from determining the mission and goals of the company to the assessment of company’s status, changes in business environment and decision-making, including risk circumstances.

The graduates from the Master degree course can perform scientific, research and training activities at the higher education institutions and scientific organizations, carry out economic diagnostic of companies, manage business risk factors, determine the financial and social policy of companies, develop strategies and prognoses, company budget and reports on its effective implementation, as well as present current information and proposals to the management teams.

The University of Forestry is accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency to carry out the training of PhD students in the scientific specialties: Economic and Management (in the respective fields), Industrial Organization and Management and Application of Computing in Economics. Since the establishment of the Faculty of Business Management over 40 PhD students have been trained and more than half of them have successfully defended their doctoral thesis before the Specialized Scientific Councils.

The training in this specialty is carried out by 75 professors, associate professors and assistant professors from all the faculties of the University of Forestry, a small part of them are guest lecturers and part-time lecturers.

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