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Faculty of Business Management


Department “Computer Systems and Informatics” is established in 1995. Department is formed within newly established then Faculty of Business management. Its first head was Assoc. Prof. Emil Lazarov. During the period 1999 - 2016 the Head of the Department was Assoc. Prof. Boyanka Zhelyazova. During the period 2016 - 2020 the Head of the Department was Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Miltchev.

By a decision of the Faculty Counsel of 25.02.2020 Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Miltchev, PhD was approved as a Head of Department.

Scientific-lecturing personnel of the Department consist 2 Professor, 3 Associate Professors and 2 Chief Assistant Professor. They provide education for students from all university specialties.

Main directions of the educational and scientific activities of the Department:

  • Informatics;
  • Information Systems and Technologies;
  • Geographical Information Systems;
  • Global Telecommunication Networks;
  • Information security;
  • E-Business and e-commerce;
  • Computer Graphics;
  • Computer Projecting;
  • Management Information Systems ets.

In the last years University of Forestry, particularly Department of Computer Systems and Informatics, researches and develops complete strategy for e-learning support of the education. Department is member and active participant in the Virtual Department project at Bulgarian Virtual University.

Educational platform of modern educational systems is formed from cooperation between traditional and innovational learning models, systems of standards, integrated content of learning plans and programs, educational means and materials, as well as new interaction quality, dialogical and corporate communication between the educational subjects.
Creation of mobile information-educational platform, based on modern information and telecommunication technologies, guarantees principally new level of access to quality education.

Laboratory for new information technologies in education / Internal Research Project, UF 2008-2009/, was created as specialized scientific unit within structure of University of Forestry, Sofia (UF) under scientific-methodological supervision and control of Department “Computer Systems and Informatics” (CSI) with main goal research, development and implementation activities for creation, application and advance of complex scientific and educational innovations in the field of multifunctional usage of forestry resources, stable agriculture growth, plant protection and veterinary medicine. The laboratory will process tasks in analyzing, creation and transfer of technologies for education and modeling in scientific experiments in expedient interdisciplinary scientific fields.

Laboratory for new information technologies will conform to the goals, mission and vision of UF as scientific and educational institution with priorities in the field of scientific researches and technologies for stable management and usage of biological resources of Bulgaria.

The laboratory will combine, based on the program-goal principle, the scientific and educational capacity and resources of UF for researches and creation of high-end technologies for virtual modeling and education in the field of forestry and forest industry, landscape architecture, agronomy, plant protection and veterinary medicine.

In the project workflow will be involved lecturers for Department CSI, as well as leading lecturers and scientists from UF. For completing its tasks and goals, this laboratory will be used and will assist the development of information and technological structure of the university as a general virtual platform for education and development of scientific researches in prior interdisciplinary fields:

  • stable usage and development of biological resources in forestry, agronomy and veterinary medicine;
  • application of GIS-technologies and modern distance methods for protection, monitoring and reproduction of environment;
  • stable management and development of forestry sector, agriculture and plant protection, veterinary medicine.

In 2010-2015, representatives of the department are closely involved in the development of three projects under Operational Programmes "Regional Development" and "Human Resources Development" and in the implementation of 8 projects under these Operational Programmes. All of them are funded by the European Union.

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