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Faculty of Business Management


Expert competencies of academic staff of Department of Economics and Management of Natural Resources

• Development of integrated forest management plans
• Development of normative documents related to forest management
• Financial and accounting expertise in the organization and control of public procurement in landscaping
• Methodological expert activity in the preparation of public procurement in landscaping
• Expertise in the stages of the investment process in landscape architecture
• Management and development of human resources
• Feasibility studies of project proposals
• Assessment of financial efficiencies of investments in real assets
• Analysis and assessment of investment risk
• Analysis and assessment of firm competitiveness, sector competitiveness and nation competitiveness
• Assessment of sustainable development in models for management of forest sector
• Analysis of micro and macro environment of enterprise
• Reporting and assessment of implementation of policies and budget programs
• Development of tourist markets and monitoring of the tourist business
• Financial and economic analysis of the enterprise
• Statistical analysis of economic information
• Forest assessment
• Accounting and financial analysis
• Business logistics and logistics management
• Logistics solutions for SMEs in woodworking and furniture companies
• Methods for optimizing the parameters of logistics systems in industry and tourism
• Logistic problems of tourist flows
• Strategic analysis and competitiveness
• Enterprise Economics and Management
• Organization and planning of logistics processes and systems
• Stock knowledge, product management and inventory management
• Packaging and packaging systems
• New packaging materials and technologies
• Circular economy – opportunities for recycling waste products and reverse logistics
• Sustainable use of resources
• The methodology of research, processing and use of scientific literature and information databases, etc.
• Valuation of landed properties in forest areas
• Valuation of agricultural land and permanent crops

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