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Faculty of Forest Industry


The discipline is provided for the needs of Engineering Design Bachelor Program and includes one semester lecture cycle plus two semesters of seminar classes. The lectures include interior of major types of public buildings, such as Administrative Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Banks and Credit Institutions, Restaurants, Educational Spaces: Kindergartens and Schools, Higher Educational Institutions, Buildings for Spectacles, Large Halls for Congress, Sport, etc., Transport Buildings, etc. Only Industrial and Medical Buildings are excluded because of their complex character. Students are acquainted with the overall architecture and composition of these places, of the specific requirements for their interior and most of all, of the furnishings, such as Office Furniture Systems, School Furniture, Restaurant and Shop Furniture, etc. Layout and arrangements of furniture as well as decorative covering of walls, ceilings and floors is considered. Color solutions and material choice is another considered issue. In the seminar classes, students develop individual term briefs according to the program.

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