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The discipline covers 30 hours within a week. On Day one, students are distributed in separate teams by drawing lots, each team between 5 to 7 people. Teams are working on the assignment set by the partner company and/or teachers. It can be either linked to a specific product or only а conceptual design.
During the project week a leading practicing designer is invited to participate in the process, this professional is both a member of the Teacher Team and the Jury, and is obliged to make a presentation of his own career story, thus becoming a role model for the students.
It is desirable for the partner company to be a leader in the field of furniture, materials for furniture manufacturing, investor in the field of construction and furnishing or other, capable of assigning “live” cases related to furniture design or interior. The company may be from another sector, assigning a brief of social significance and encouraging various design solution approaches.
During the "Design Project Week" students must formulate goals correctly, to analyze available information, to generate their concept through brainstorm, elaborate the design solution and to communicate it in an attractive manner. All this must be done in teamwork.
To achieve a better outcome and for the additional motivation of the teams, on the third day students are obliged to make a mid-presentation in front of the team of teachers, leading designer and fellow students.
The event concludes with a formal final presentation, taking place at the University Aula. Each team has 5 minutes to explain their idea and demonstrate the visual materials. Observing criteria such as creativity of the idea, functionality and presentation skills, the jury announces the results of the final presentation in a solemn manner. The first three teams are awarded with a material prize and receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the Faculty, the leading designer, head of the teaching team and the partner company representative.

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