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Lighting into interiors and furniture is a particularly important element of contemporary design. Latest development of lighting systems in recent times shows that they need to be constantly studied. The course "Lighting and Lighting Systems in Furniture" students will acquire basic knowledge related to the general concepts of light, types of light sources and their characteristics with the requirements and standards for lighting in the interior and furniture, types of lighting systems, the principles of use and design features of lighting systems. The main groups of lighting systems with specific examples of application, which are considered in the lectures are: lighting in the residential interiors - living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., as well as public building interiors - offices, hotels, shops and more. Students will also be introduced to the requirements for fire safety, security and other specific requirements for lighting systems. Students are prepared to be highly qualified specialists in the field of furniture and interior design, including in the lighting systems used in furniture and their skills are built by applying the acquired knowledge to various solutions, including through the development of course assignments and projects.

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