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The course of “Theory of Composition” aims at presenting the methodology for achieving the final image of the designed products and also at the evaluation of the impact of shapes and space on human perceptions. The scientific field is interdisciplinary and connects to areas such as cultural and art studies, aesthetics, sociology, stylistics, psychology, ergonomics and more. Lectures are focused on the perspective of understanding design production as art, and students there become familiar with the contemporary applications of composition and style, as well as with their evolution. The links with the psychology of perception and theory of sign systems - semiotics, is revealed. The most important principles and regularities of the composition structuring in the planes, shapes and spaces are shown.
Presentations and exercises in the field use varying approaches and are based on a playful and competitive headset. They are aimed to contribute to the development of a sense of composition in students, and to teach them the appropriate use of composition laws, principles and the tools for effective emotional impact on a person.

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