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In the course “Furniture Construction” are given the main principles of construction of furniture and students gain experience in creating design documentations needed for furniture manufacturing. Knowledge of basic requirements for furniture, classification of furniture and requirements for materials used in furniture construction are given.
In the course are studied the main groups of furniture such as cabinet, frame and upholstered furniture.
Students learn the application, components, functional dimensions, structural and functional feature, all of which is illustrated with many examples of good practices of modern solutions for various furniture designs.
The principles of structural design are studied, including wardrobes, dressers, chests, dressing table, modular and endless corpus construction, kitchen cabinets, office furniture, built-in and partitioning furniture. Advantages of “System 32” are given.
Two main blocks are designed for studying special features of beds and tables. Particular attention is paid to the functional capabilities of transformable beds, as well as numerous options for constructing non-extendable and extendable tables.
In the lecture material is included a topical issue of constructing lightweight furniture construction. Students will become familiar with the trends and characteristics of lightweight materials suitable for use in the construction of furniture.
A significant part of the course is dedicated to the siting furniture, including construction of upholstery, chairs, armchairs and sofas, benches and stools, armchairs-beds and sofa-beds.

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