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Faculty of Forest Industry


The course acquaints students with the construction, properties, technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the vast variety of different types of non-wood materials – metals, stones, ceramics, glass, polymers, composites and etc. It deals mainly with the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages, the type and specificity of the application of the various non-wood materials in the design and construction of furniture and other products in the residential and public interiors.
In the seminars the implementation of four projects that are presented in the form of conceptual design with written and graphical solutions case studies with increasing complexity concerning the technical characteristics and the use of various non-wood materials for specific devices and elements of the interior is included. Students also develop together with the project album /collection/, including a description of the various kinds of non-wood materials, their technical characteristics and their use for various products in the interior. These projects are presented in a specified way, including a written descriptive part and illustrative material, prospectuses, catalogues, etc.

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