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The study discipline “Residential Interior Design and Furnishing” teaches students of the Engineering Design Bachelor Program with current trends in furniture design and furnishings in residential buildings. For this purpose, general issues of design theory, typology of residential buildings and interiors and the design of functional, aesthetic and ergonomic furniture, harmoniously composed in the living environment, are studied during the training. Students are introduced to the ways of furnishing the different rooms in the dwelling, the principles of arranging the furniture in different functional zones. The different types of furniture are considered and analyzed in accordance with their purpose, supplemented by the basic ergonomic and functional requirements in this case. In seminars students need to solve specific tasks about designing of individual activities in the dwelling, and to design complete furnishing of a family dwelling in accordance with planned layout. In order to study and successfully master the course students need basic knowledge in the following disciplines: Morphogenesis, Theory of Composition, Architecture and Construction, Furniture Construction, Computer-aided Furniture Design, etc.

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