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The Study Discipline “Styles in Interior and Furniture” teaches the historical periods from Antiquity, to Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, and French Empire styles, for the winter semester of the Second year of study for Engineering Design Bachelor Program. For the summer semester, the discipline studies the styles Biedermeyer, Eclectics (Victorian etc.) styles, Bulgarian Revival, Islam Art, Viennese Sezession, Art Nouveau, Modern Movement (Bauhaus), Scandinavian Design, Art Deco, American Design Before and After WWII, Italian Design after WWII. Architectural development, interior and furniture design are followed. The major goal of the discipline is to acquaint students with the historical legacy in the area of interior and period furniture, so that they can interpret and correctly appreciate the significance of different styles. Historic knowledge can help the designer to acquire a wide culture as well as to understand the national treasure both of architectural interior and of smaller forms of everyday objects. In this way, it can be used as a huge reserve for generating new forms and for future creative activity of professional career. The discipline includes both a lecture cycle of two semesters as individual assignments of preparing a portfolio of drawings of interiors and objects according to the brief.

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