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The goal of the Graphic Design course is to strengthen students’ knowledge, as well as their specific professional skills in preparing projects and concepts related to the whole spectrum of advertising, graphic and interior design, as well as in synthesis with all other arts. The course’s leading tasks include the presentation of the basic principles of graphic design theory and the influence of visual communication, presentation of graphic design products and preparation of design projects related to some of them, strengthening the broad general knowledge and proper education for practicing designer’s profession. The course contains basic theoretical knowledge for Graphic design and Visual communication. It acquaints students with the basic principles that provide the balance in each composition. At the same time, it serves as a base for improving the skills that students acquired in the courses of Visual Art Methods and Techniques, Color Science and Composition Theory. The course includes specific knowledge for some of the most popular graphic design aspects: Typography, Identification Design, Information Design, Interaction Design, Advertising Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Graphic Design for Interior/Exterior. The use of specific knowledge and terminology for each of these forms are combined with practical experimental work in the exercises and course assignments. The obligatory volume of practical and theoretical tasks allows specialization and mastering of the most modern technical means and aesthetic requirements in solving the creative tasks in the chosen field.

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