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The course “Presentation of design projects” aims at further developing the skills students acquired in the Bachelor degree and learning new software for two-dimensional and three-dimensional presentation.
The tasks of the course are to learn and improve the design of three-dimensional objects, the methods of visualization of the artistic ideas, the completion and final presentation of projects to gain experience in participating in competitions, making offers, catalogs and promotional materials for companies. Classes are held at 2 +4 scheme with a total horarium of 90 hours.
In the course within three modules knowledge gained in the Bachelor degree of education is improved. New software for two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualization (COREL DRAW, COREL PHOTO-PAINT, 3D MAX, POWER POINT), and the possibilities for data exchange between them are studied.
In the seminars within 60 hours of coursework, students develop individual design projects on assigned topic. The design project is presented as art shaped panels arranged in an album or in the form of slides prepared on POWER POINT.

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