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Faculty of Forest Industry


Specialized laboratory for dynamics, strength of materials and reliability of machines and equipment in furniture and woodworking industry
Room 412, University of Forestry - Sofia
Manager: Assoc. Prof. Georgi Vukov PhD
The laboratory has stands and systems for research in the areas
- Dynamics of machines,
- Strength of materials
- Reliability and quality of machinery and equipment in furniture and woodworking industry

Laboratory of Physical Measurements and Optical Properties of Materials
Room 303a, University of Forestry - Sofia
Manager: Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Minkovsky PhD
The laboratory has precision instruments for measuring of mass, density, viscosity of liquids, electrical properties – conductivity, capacity, inductance. Also instruments for various optical measurements - spectrometer in the visible and near ultraviolet range, monochromator from ultraviolet to near infrared, refractometer for measuring of refractive index of liquids and crystals, polarimeter for optical activity measuring.

Scientific Researches in the Department of Mathematics and Physics:

  • Mathematical real and complex analysis;
  • Probability theory;
  • Mathematical statistics;
  • Differential equations; Numerical Methods for Differential equations;
  • Mathematics education;
  • Algebra - number theory;
  • Mass service and teletraffic theory;
  • Nonlinear optics and laser technology;
  • Application of physical methods in ecology;
  • Magnetic methods in condensed matter physics;
  • Magnetic properties of crystalline and amorphous materials;
  • Hydrogen absorption and magnetic properties of rare earth metals and alloys hydrides;
  • Theoretical study of multielectric properties of nanoparticles;
  • Static and dynamic properties of ferromagnetic nanoparticles;
  • Plasma physics, cold plasma and applications;
  • Theoretical and applied mechanics.

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