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The subject Technology of Veneer and Plywood is one of the main specialized subjects in the curriculum of the students of the speciality Wood Technology. The subject includes studies on the technologies for production of different types of veneer and plywood. 
The training is based on a production principle. The main part of the training course is related to the production of plywood and its integral part – the production of rotary-cut veneer. The technological processes for production of sliced veneer, some special types of veneer, bent plywood products and laminated veneer lumber, are also included in the curriculum. The knowledge on the production of rotary-cut veneer and plywood, acquired in the first part of the training course, allows drawing students’ attention mainly to the specific characteristics of the production processes of other types of veneer and plywood. This allows for brief but sufficient introduction to the issues, related to the technological processes for veneer and plywood production. 
Studying this subject is aimed at providing students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on the technology for production of the materials mentioned above and the optimal technological regimes. Furthermore, the students acquire knowledge about the construction and operation of the machines, equipment and production lines, specific for these industries. Topics, related to the technological and quality control, are also included in the curriculum.

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