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The course in “Engineering Ecology” is designed for the students of the specialty “Engineering Design (Interior and Furniture Design)”, educational and qualification degree “Bachelor of Science”. The course provides the students with essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills in relation to occupational safety and health requirements at work in furniture industry enterprises. The training content is focused on the introduction to the national labor and occupational safety and health legislation; acquisition of the methods for analysis and assessment of the hazardous and harmful factors in furniture industry, and the respective methods and means for protection of workers and employees; methods for identification, investigation, registration and reporting of occupational accidents and diseases, methods for analysis and assessment of occupational risks, requirements to microclimate conditions at the workplace, prevention of exposure to dust and other harmful substances, gases and vapors, methods for testing and calculation of lighting, exposure to occupational noise and vibrations. Issues, related to the safe use of electric machines and equipment, theoretical and practical guidance on safe working practices when using woodworking machines, different collective and personal protective equipment used in furniture industry, are also included in the syllabus. Special attention is given to the ecological criteria and requirements for awarding EU and country-specific eco-labels to furniture products. The course in “Engineering Ecology” provides the students with extensive theoretical knowledge, practical skills and best practices related to ensuring Safety and Health at Work in furniture enterprises.

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