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The course includes basic methodological issues related to human factor in the organization of work space, taking in to account engineering and a number of hygiene, anthropometrical, physiological, psychophysical, psychological, artistically-technical factors and requirements for furniture design. Also are studied ergonomic problems of the environment, including lighting, microclimate, noise, vibration and sound processes generated in rooms with special functions and methods for ergonomic evaluation of acoustic projects for halls with different purposes and depending on their interior. The education is designed in order students to acquire basic necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of ergonomics and ergonomic design. Which are connected from one side with human factors by percentile groups in regard to interior furniture, and from the other with organization of workplaces, work-processes and methods for engineering and ergonomic evaluation of system “Human-equipment-environment”. The tasks are related with complex of systematical knowledge and creative approaches for conducting ergonomic studies, analyses, evaluations and for design of interior space in household and industrial environment according to anthropometric characteristics of human as main factor in ergonomic system “Human-furniture-environment”. The knowledge and skills are needed to design and implementation of furniture with artistic and aesthetic forms that require solving of various technical and ergonomic tasks in line with application areas. The purpose of laboratory exercises is for students to consolidate theoretical knowledge obtained in lectures and from used literature sources to acquire skills for solving practical issues in the area of Ergonomics in order to acquire ergonomic analyses, rules for selection, preparation and ergonomic design of interior furniture. In order to be achieved better results in learning of the material are used opportunities of multimedia teaching, internet and are presented different possible solutions in practice.

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