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Faculty of Forest Industry


The course "Production of Wood-Based Panels" is designed to give students the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills as future managers in the woodworking and furniture industries. Tasks are associated with acquiring knowledge for organizing the production of wood-based panels, also including modern technology for the production of wood composites with a special purpose. Issues related to the production of different types wood-based panels and their physical and mechanical properties, to the processing of wood raw materials, preparation and dosing of binders and chemical additives, the optimum working parameters of automated lines for forming and pressing, methods for surface gentrification, technological control and methods for managing the quality of the production are discussed. Modern technologies for the production of wood-based panels with special purpose, unit of modern enterprises from the world practice and similar enterprises in our country are also discussed. Laboratory sessions are devoted to practical issues of computing and research. The practical learning is done in leading companies in the country, where the theoretical knowledge acquired in class is applied and analyses are made on the basis of some practical observations.

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