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The course "Quality Management" is designed for students of "Engineering Design"("Interior Design and Furniture") degree "Master". In accordance with the qualification characteristics, graduate engineering designers will be implemented in the design department of furniture companies, in the design firms involved in designing the interior and exterior design and furniture. As designers they should know and apply the requirements of international, national and industry regulations, related to the quality of finished products, principles and methods for quality management, essence of management quality and requirements for certification and maintenance. Special attention is paid to the series of standards BS EN ISO 9000.
Issues related to the design and management of quality of production of woodworking and furniture industry are considered, including ISO 9000 series standards, control activities demonstrate the quality and conformity assessment, quality assessment, methods of statistical process control and statistical acceptance control, and techniques and methods to improve quality. Attention is paid to certain techniques and methods for improvement of quality, and the human aspect of quality management.

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