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The course „Theoretical basis of Wood and Ligno-Cellulosic Materials Composites” is designed for students of "Wood Technology" degree "Master". It is designed to give students the necessary theoretical knowledge in the production of wood composites, which is a major strategic direction in the development of wood industry not only at home but also in the world.
The production of wood composites covers a wide range of technologies, main among which are to receive: particleboard, fiberboards, laminated materials, wood-polymer materials and products, wood-mineral materials and products; boards from ligno-cellulosic particles and various binders, wood press-molded products, biomass briquettes and pellets. Students will learn about some theoretical aspects related to the mechanisms of structure formation; interaction processes of binders with wood/ligno-cellulosic materials and maximum adhesion strength ensureing; optimal processing conditions choice for satisfy the requirements of composites performance; opportunities for improving the resistance of composites to different effects.

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