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The course „Intellectual Property Protection” is designed for students of "Engineering Design"("Interior Design and Furniture") degree "Master". In accordance with the qualification characteristics, graduate engineering designers will be implemented in the design department of furniture companies, in the design firms involved in designing the interior and exterior design and furniture. As designers they should know and apply the requirements for protection of intellectual property acc. Bulgarian and international legislation as legal protection of intellectual property is inextricably linked to overall economic, cultural and social development and is a powerful factor in promoting the competitiveness of Bulgarian companies. Intellectual property in modern society includes the so-called objects of industrial property plus copyright and related rights.
Students will learn about basic concepts of the scope of intellectual property as the main attention is paid to industrial property and its protection, but also affect some aspects of copyright. The course provides knowledge on the following topics: patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and unfair competition. 
The course provides introduction to the generality of the licensed trade and patent research. Graduates will receive a necessary minimum knowledge in intellectual property which combined with extensive knowledge as designers will ensure a successful career.

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