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Faculty of Forest Industry


Address: Department “Woodworking Machines”, University of Forestry, Faculty of Forest Industry, 10 Kliment Ohridski Blvd., 1797 Sofia, Bulgaria

Location: Building A, ground flour, Office 11.

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Pavlin Vitchev, PhD, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Secretary: Petya Pusheva, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Prof. Zhivko Bonev Gochev, PhD
  • Prof. Georgi Yordanov Vukov, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Pavlin Bisserov Vitchev, PhD
  • Chief Assistant Prof. Petar Nikolkov Nikolov
  • Chief assistant Prof. Izabela Kirilova Radkova, PhD
  • Chief Assistant Prof. Valentin Atanasov Atanasov, PhD
  • Chief Assistant Prof. Georgi Konstantinov Kovachev, PhD

Scientific expertise and laboratories:

  • Laboratory "Wood cutting and cutting tools";
  • Training and demonstration center for power tools;
  • Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering;
  • Laboratory "Woodworking Machines";
  • Laboratory "Industrial transport";
  • Laboratory "CNC machines, tools and technologies";
  • Laboratory "Automation and Automation";
  • Mechatronics Laboratory;
  • BLUM Training and Demonstration Center.

The Department of "Woodworking Machines" was found in 1953 and throughout the years has been named as follow: from 1953 to 1972 – “Machines and Tools”, from 1972 to 1994 – “Mechanization and Automation of Woodworking” (the curriculum included the discipline "Electronic Computing Equipment"). Due to the structural changes occurred in 1994 at the University of Forestry, two independent departments, namely: “Machine Science and Automation of Production” and "Electronic Computing Equipment" were separated sequentially and the old department was renamed to "Woodworking Machines".

The first head of the department:
• Assoc. Prof. Valko Gochev, PhD (1953 – 1966).

Consistently the heads of the department have been:
• Prof. Tacho Iliev, PhD (1966 – 1989);
• Prof. Georgi Filipov, DSc (1989 – 1990);
• Prof. Hristo Shehtov, DSc (1990 – 1993);
• Assoc. Prof. Petar Savov, PhD (1993 – 1999);
• Assoc. Prof. Stefan Velkov, PhD (1999 – 2002);
• Prof. Bozhidar Dinkov, PhD, (2002 – 2007);
• Assoc. Prof. Zhivko Gochev, PhD (2007 – 2016);
• Assoc. Prof. Vasil Vlasev (2016-2020);
• Assoc. Prof. Pavlin Vitchev (2021 – Present).

Academic and research staff of the Department during the years:
Assoc. Prof. Valko Gochev, PhD; Prof. Tacho Iliev, PhD; Prof. Georgi Filipov, DSc; Prof. Hristo Shehtov, DSc; Prof. Nencho Deliiski, DSc; Prof. Petko Grigorov, PhD; Prof. Bozhidar Dinkov, PhD; Prof. Petar Obreshkov, PhD; Prof. Slavcho Sokolovski, PhD; Prof. Zhivko Gochev, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Gencho Genchev, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Barnekov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Boris Asenov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Stefan Velkov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Peycho Marvakov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Nikolina Ilkova, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Vasil Vlasev; Assoc. Prof. Pavlin Vitchev, PhD; Chief Asisst. Prof. Dancho Sabevski; Chief Asisst. Prof. Stoyan Kostov; Chief Asisst. Prof. Petar Nikolov; Chief Asisst. Prof. Valentin Atanasov; Chief Asisst. Prof. Izabela Radkova, PhD; Chief Asisst. Prof. Georgi Kovachev, PhD; Asisst. Prof. Lachezar Nikolov; S.R.F. Radka Dimitrova; S.R.F. Anton Cheshmedzhiev, PhD; S.R.F. Nikolay Yordanov; Eng. Darina Dacheva; Eng. Todor Zlatarov; Eng. Radko Stoyanov; Petar Stoyanov; Hrisanta Tsalova; Eng. Valentina Haralampieva; Eng. Gergana Koleva.


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