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Faculty of Forestry

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The Faculty of Forestry is a successor of the Forestry Department of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry of Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, founded in 1925. The tradition and experience obtained during the 90-year history of the Faculty allow the staff to be proud of the achievements of the many generations graduates, more than 6000. They work for establishing new forests and are responsible for the sustainable management of the “green gold” of the planet.

The training of students is provided by highly qualified instructors. There are 7 full professors, 19 associate professors and 21 assistant professors in the Faculty, which are engaged both in teaching and in research activities. Forty two of them hold degrees Ph.D. and D.Sc. Also, more than 60 professors from other faculties are engaged in the training of students. Most of the Faculty and Ph.D. students work within the frameworks of international projects and programs, many of them are members of international research and professional organizations and keep contacts with colleagues from USA, Russia, Japan, and all the European countries. This is a prerequisite for sound teaching process and obtaining by students of a solid background, promoting the successful performance of the graduates in the conditions of free competition in the European Union.

The Faculty of Forestry trains students in Forestry in thгee degrees: undergraduate with academic degree Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Forms of training are „full-time“ and „part-time“.

During their training the students study general, fundamental, applied and specialized courses that provide knowledge and skills necessary of forestry engineer. In all major disciplines there are traineeships. The training is organized by curriculum with compulsory, elective and optional subjects linked to a system of credit transfer in ECTS, according to the Higher Education Act. After successfully completing a diploma for a completed degree of higher education and European Diploma Supplement in English with full information about the training are provided. The engeneers graduated in Forestry acquire the right to work in jobs requiring higher education in the system of the Executive Forestry Agency at Ministry of Agriculture and Foods, Ministry of Environment and Water and other governmental, public, non-governmental organizations, and private companies engaged in business in forestry, community forestry and forest cooperatives.

The Faculty of Forestry guides the Experimental and Training Forestry Services in Yundola and Petrohan and issues the journal Forestry Ideas.

Courses in English - Forestry

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