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The department of Dendrology was established in 1949. The first name of the department was “Dendrology with wood anatomy”. In 1974 two departments were joined: “Dendrology with wood anatomy” and “Forest plantations” and the newly established department was named “Forest plantations”. In 1976 the former department “Dendrology with wood anatomy” split from “Forest plantations” and took a name “Forest botany and breeding”. Since 1984 the department accepted again the initial name, slightly shortened and since then it is “Department of Dendrology”.
First head of the department was Acad. Prof. Boris Stefanov.
The current staff of the department includes one professor, six associate professors and four assistant professors.

Responsible of quality: Assoc. Prof. PhD Violeta Georgieva Dimitrova – building "A", floor 2, room No 237, tel. 91907/233

The staff provides teaching in the following courses:
• Botany
• Medicinal botany
• Phytosociology
• Conservation of flora and vegetation
• Dendrology
• Forest genetics and tree breedng
• Physiology of woody plants
• Physiology of plants
• Physiology and biochemistry
• Dendrology of exotic species
• Physiological basis of plant resistance
• Biodiversity and conservation of genetic resources
• Conservation of biological and ecosystem diversity
• Research approaches and practical skills in ecology
• Ecological monitoring – module Phytomonitoring

The leading lecturers in the department are:
A guest-professor in the department is Prof. Alexander Tashev, Ph.D. – Botany, Medical botany, Conservation of flora and vegetation, Conservation of biological and ecosystem diversity, Ecological monitoring – module Phytomonitoring, Ornamental plants in the Bulgarian flora.
A guest-professor in the department is Prof. Nikolina Tzvetkova, Ph.D. – Physiology and biochemistry, Physiological basis of plant resistance.
Prof. Petar Zhelev, Ph.D. – Forest tree improvement, Natural plant resources, Biodiversity conservation

Since 2020 Assoc. Prof. Petar Zhelev is the Department Head
Main topics of the teaching and research activities in the Department are the following ones:

Morphology, biology, ecology and distribution of woody plant species
Forest genetics and tree breeding. Forest seeds supply. Conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources.
Physiology and ecological physiology of the woody plant species
Flora – inventory and classification. Study and classification of the vegetation.
Biodiversity conservation in the forests and forest land.


Снимка Дендрология

Left to right: Assoc. prof. Svetoslav Anev, Ph.D.; assist. prof. Nickolay Tsvetanov, Ph.D.; Assoc. Prof. Violeta Fimitrova, Ph.D.; assist. prof. Ivan Evtimov, Ph.D.; eng. Mariela Ivanova; prof. Petar Zhelev, Ph.D. (Department Head); assist prof. Adriana Marinova, Ph.D.; assoc. prof. Momchil Panayotov, Ph.D.; assist. prof. Teodora Markova; assoc. prof. Marius Dimitrov, Ph.D.; Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Tsavkov, Ph.D.

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