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Faculty of Forestry

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Undergraduate academic degree Bachelor of Science (BSc)

The admission is based on competitive examinations in mathematics or biology, or English, or assessments of the state matriculation exams. The scoring system is published annually in Guide for students. The training period in full-time lasts 8 semesters, in part-time is 10 semesters. Students prepare as wide-specialists in the field of forestry.

The general education is implemented by studying the following subjects: Mathematics and statistical methods, Chemistry, Physics and Informatics. Bachelor program provides learning of foreign languages - English, French, German or Russian. For foreign students is organized training in Bulgarian language.
Fundamental and applied training is conducted by studying the subjects Botany, Zoology, Forestry Soil Science, Meteorology and Climatology, Geodesy, Mechanics and construction, Tractive machines, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Dendrology, Phytocoenology, Physiology of woody plants, Forestry and Nature Conservation law and Forest genetics and selection.

Specialized applied training is achieved by studying disciplines Forestry, Forest Management, Seeds and Nursery Production and Forestations, Forest Mensuration, Forest non-timber resources, Wildlife management, Fish-farming management, Forest Phytopathology, Forest entomology, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Mechanization of forest activities, Technology and mechanization of harvesting, Forest transport, Forest roads, Protection against erosion and floods, Economics, organization and planning in forestry, Safety Regulation of Labour in Forestry and Prevention of Forest Fire.

In the curriculum a one-week ski course is included. In the main classes of applied character 8 specialized and complex educational practices are held. At the end of studies a 6-week candidate engineering internship is conducted.

Depending on the grades of semester classes, graduation procedure is passing a state exam or thesis defense. For studied a total of 40 subjects with practices, internship and graduation a total of 240 credits in ECTS are awarded.

The bachelors obtain biological, engineering and technical knowledge, attested by a diploma of higher education and acquire vocational qualifications Forest engineer.

After completing this degree of higher education, the bachelors can be implemented as organizers of major forestry activities. They may hold engineering positions in the system of Forestry, and can continue their education in Master degree program.

Guide for students Faculty of Forestry

Guidelines for Graduation

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