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Master's degree “Master of Science” (MSc)

Students enroll in Master degree program "master" by a rating competition. Scoring system published annually in Guide for students. The training lasts three semesters for full-time and 4 semesters for part-time education. Received high rating in institutional and program accreditation provides an opportunity for learning and for a fee. Candidates from other disciplines can study for MSc in Forestry in individual curriculum and duration of training depend on their previous training.

During the MSc study students receive deeper and higher level of knowledge in management, specialized and methodical research disciplines, selected depending on the chosen specialization. The depth fundamental training is carried out through five compulsory subjects - Forest Policy, Multifunctional forest management, Management of human resources, Geographic Information Systems and Organization and management of the wildlife management.

Profiling of MSc. study is achieved in three specializations:

  • Forest management;
  • Wildlife and fish-farming management;
  • Forest use and economics.

According their specialization students choose and study six electives and one optional discipline and conduct a training practice. Students acquire skills for designing, planning and implementation of activities related to the forest management, and overmaster the basics of research on forestry issues. Master program ends with elaboration and defense of a thesis. For studied a total of 12 disciplines, training practice and thesis it should accumulate at least 90 credits in ECTS. Successful graduates obtain a degree Master of Science and acquire professional qualification MSc. Engineer in Forestry. This qualification entitles them to occupy leadership positions in the forestry, Ministry of Environment and Waters, to carry out research and teaching at universities, working in research institutes, experimantal, seed control, forest protection and other stations. Attainment a Master degree have the right to study in educational and scientific degree PhD.

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