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Doctoral degree “Doctor of Philosophy” (PhD)

For educational and scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) can apply persons acquired degree MSc. in professional field which the candidate has obtained during the Bachelor study. Admission is by competition with an exam in the specialty and foreign language.

Full-time PhD is with a minimum duration of three years training, whereas part-time – lasts minimum 4 years. Doctoral study can be carried out through individual training, providing training in line with other forms and is within two years. The study is carried out by an individual education plan that includes from 3 to 5 exams, pedagogical activity (for full-time Ph.D. only) and defense of the dissertation. PhD students are supported by a supervisor or consultant (in individual study). The PhD. students are subject to annual performance appraisal.

Faculty of Forestry prepares Doctors of Philosophy in the following accredited doctoral programs:

1. Forest Plantations, Selection and Seed Production.
2. Forest Management and Mensuration.
3. Silviculture (incl. Dendrology).
4. Forest Melioration, Forest Protection and Special Forest Uses.
5. Wildlife management.
6. Pisciculture, Fisheries and Fishing Industry.
7. Machinery and Equipment in Forestry, Timber harvesting, Woodworking and Furniture Industry.
8. Technology, Mechanization and Automation in Forestry and Timber harvesting.
9. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
10. General, Advance and Applied Geodesy.

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