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PhD student Thesis topic Scientific supervisor Department
1 Adriana Vaneva Physiological aspects of natural regeneration in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests in a region of TEFR "Petrohan" Assoc. Prof. PhD S. Anev Dendrology
2 Eli Antoine El Khoury Consrvation of native Pyramidal orchid (Anacamptis pyramidalis L.) Rich. in Lebanon through vegetative propagation Prof. PhD P. Zhelev and Prof. PhD Y. Sasine Dendrology
3 Mihail Aleksandrov Breeding and genetic studies in provenance and progeny tests of Oak (Quercus L.) species in Bulgaria Prof. PhD P. Zhelev Dendrology
4 Nina Bogdanova Nikolova Application of modern photogrammetry technologies, remote sensing methods and GIS in the management of protected areas in Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. PhD R. Koleva Forest management
5 Georgi Donchev Forests survey using photogrammetric methods and terrestrial three-dimensional laser scanning at SIDP - Sliven Assoc. Prof. PhD M. Asenova Forest management
6 Yordan Ivanov Opportunities for optimizing the use of uneven-aged forests in the Rila and Western Rhodopes Assist. Prof. PhD N. Aleksandrov Forest management
7 Mladen Mikov Models in the structure, growth, and increment of middle-aged European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) natural stands in Central Stara Planina Assoc. Prof. Ph I. Dobrichov Forest management
8 Martin Georgiev Ecology and cultivation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) forest plantations Assoc. Prof. PhD G. Kostov Silviculture
9 Kristiyan Kolev Natural regeneration of Quercus forests in Western Bulgaria Assist. Prof. PhD N. Aleksandrov Silviculture
10 Ivan Kamburov Impact of forestry systems on the ecosystem benefits of the forests of Strandzha Nature Park Assist. Prof. PhD S. Savev Silviculture
11 Pavel Pavlov Study of soil degradation processes on the territory of Vitosha Nature Park Prof. DSc L. Malinova Soil science
12 Bilyana Grigorova-Pesheva Soil microflora in the Vitosha Nature Park Prof. PhD Svetla Bratkova Soil science
13 Konstantin Kostov Research on the technological capabilities of rotary machines for soil preparation of afforestation areas Assoc. Prof. PhD K. Marinov Technologies and Mechanization in Forestry
14 Milen Ivanov Research on technologies for the production of seedlings of forest tree species Assoc. Prof. Ph K. Marinov Technologies and Mechanization in Forestry
15 Yanko Ilchev Population-ecological studies of the capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus L., 1758) in the Pirin mountain Assoc. Prof. PhD H. Mihaylov Wildlife Management
16 Evlogi Angelov Population-ecological characteristics of partridge (Perdix perdix L., 1758) in the Upper Thracian Plain Wildlife Management
17 Pencho Pandakov Influence of small hydropower plants on the ichthyofauna of model rivers in Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. Phр G. Raykova-Petrova Wildlife Management

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