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University of Forestry (UF) is a research center for fundamental and applied research covering all aspects of sustainable use of biological resources.
The mission of the UF is the training and education of the future generation of researchers and business managers capable to meet the challenges of the 21st century as global warming, shortage of energy sources and problems with feeding the population.
Strategic objective of the UF is its establishment as a center for transfer of knowledge and technology, contributing to the development of the bio-economy of Bulgaria.

Priority tasks of the UF are focused on:

  • integration into the European Research Area by strengthening scientific cooperation and research on the scientific priorities of the European Union;
  • strengthening the link between science and business through the center of technology transfer and intensify the work of expert-consulting centers of the UF;
  • Improvement of the applied scientific collaboration with neighboring universities and research institutes in Bulgaria, the structures of secondary education and local government;
  • stimulate researches and the performances of students and PhDs.

University of Forestry has a wide range of experts in the field of forestry, forestry industry, ecology and environmental protection, landscape architecture, agriculture and plant protection, veterinary medicine, business management and alternative tourism. The accumulated expert advisory capacity at the university, allows for interdisciplinary research contributing to the development of bio- economy of Bulgaria based on the knowledge.
Our researches are focused on the development of environmentally friendly methods and technologies for the management and sustainable use of biological resources of Bulgaria. Scientific direction priorities for the UF are:

  1. Renewable energy sources (bioenergy crops, materials, technology);
  2. Risk factors for forestry and agriculture and urban environment (climate change, pollution, invasive organisms, diseases of economic importance, healthy food etc.);
  3. Space layout design of public spaces;
  4. Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises and farms (new materials, technologies, innovations etc.);
  5. Use of modern technologies for modeling processes and objects with a view to sustainable use of biological resources;
  6. Public health and lifestyle.

Users of scientific products of the UF are the business associated with the development of the bio-economy of Bulgaria as Forestry and agricultural farms, Hunting farms, Timber and furniture industry, Pharmaceutical industry and others. We are partner of the structures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the State Forestry Agency, Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, municipal governments and non-governmental organizations working on issues in rural places, efficient use of water and soil resources, environmentally sound production of crops and others.

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