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I. Overview
Functional office was established in 2006 with funds from a project by the Ministry of Education and Science. Functional studyt as a structure is a component of the Department of Internal diseases and pharmacology. Represents an integral and important part of teaching and research clinical diagnostic process in the work of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Forestry. The aim of functional study is to perform specialized clinical trials on patients to develop research topics and research projects of graduate students, professors from universities and other research units. Another major goal of functional surgery to improve the clinical training of students.

II. Working team
The work of the function room is secured by one assoc. professor and three chief assistants of discipline internal diseases. Students on duty at the Department of Internal Medicine IV and V course when necessary to carry out gastroscopy, ultrasonography and electrocardiography participate in preparing and carrying out the manipulations.

III. Scientific and diagnostic range of functional office

  1. Gastroscopy: performed a clinical study of various diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract by endoscopy of pharynx, esophagus, stomach, with the possibility of biopsy and histological examination of the material;
  2. Ultrasonography of internal organs (liver, kidney, spleen, bladder, etc.).
  3. Electrocardiography Heart.

IV. Diagnostic activities
Functional study is the only place in Sofia, where based on the specialization of workers in human medicines clinics can a high professional level to perform these clinical examination to interpret and to provide competent clinical evaluation of established findings.

V. Amount of activity
Annually in the functional study of patients of citizens under the clinical training of students of III, IV and V course through research projects carried out dozens of faculty clinical research.

VI. Equipment
Functional cabinet is equipped with fibrogastroscope, portable ultrasound and 12 channel ECG.

VII. Activities in the functional study related to school work

Gastroscopy, ultrasonography and electrocardiography, and specific clinical research methods are considered in detail a practical Propedeutics of Internal Medicine. Clinical studies performed on patients in the office used in training the students of IV and V course in internal medicine.


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