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University of Forestry, dept. Furniture Production, 10 “Kl. Ohridski” blvd, Sofia 1797, Bulgaria

Head of the laboratory:
Chief Assist. Prof. Vasil Merdzhanov

Scientific researches and consultations. Wide-ranging researches for determine different physical-mechanical properties of wooden and non-wood materials and others. Sstrengths, module of elasticity, hardness and others.

Machines and equipment:
Dynamometer equipped with an electronic head and a digital sensor for displacement, microprocessor system for recording of data of the researches on computer, Dynamometer capable of loading by 5 tons and set of devices, testing of materials for adhesive strength, bending, modulus of elasticity, etc., vacuum dryers.

Contact person:
Merdzhanov, tel:+359 2 91 907 452; mob. +359 888104221
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief Assist. Prof. PhD Vasil Merdzhanov is a Member of the Chamber of Engineers of Investment Design: Full Design Aptitude.

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