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University of Forestry, dept. Furniture Production, 10 “Kl. Ohridski” blvd, Sofia 1797, Bulgaria

Head of the laboratory:
Chief Assist. Prof. Vasil Merdzhanov

Student lab classes and consultations. Activities - determination of strength and visually aesthetic qualities of raw materials, finished materials and composites, testing of building structures for thermal and sound insulation, etc.

Machines and equipment:
Equipment for determine of gloss and shine, hardeners, roughness gauges, equipment for determination of illumination of rooms, electronic instruments for angular and linear measurements, pneumatic pistols for structural assemblies with brackets, equipment for finger jointing in length and width.

Contact person:
Merdzhanov, tel:+359 2 91 907 452; mob. +359 888104221
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief Assist. Prof. PhD Vasil Merdzhanov is a Member of the Chamber of Engineers of Investment Design: Full Design Aptitude.

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