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Extension service in the field of biological resources (BIOREX)
Extension service of the University of Forestry was established within a project funded by the Foundation "America for Bulgaria" and was established as an independent unit of the UF in 2011 with decision of the AU.

The mission of the Extension service of BIOREX is to play a role of connection between research results and wider audience through:

  • Creating conditions and environment for direct contact between academics, professionals practice and administration, business and local communities.
  • Transfer of knowledge in order to raise public awareness regarding the management and sustainable use of biological resources.

Basic activities:

  • Participate in meetings to identify business problems and other stakeholders;
  • Developing and offering consulting and advisory programs within the competence of Forestry;
  • Preparation of information and training materials:
    o Popular science materials
    o Brochures
    o Leaflets
    o Manuals
  • Maintain an informational internet portal;
  • Dissemination of informational and training materials;
  • Organizing informational events "Green Academy";
  • Promoting the expertise potential of UF, by promoting scientific expertise and consultancy of the UF;
  • Promoting and dissemination of published by the publishing house and faculty of UF teaching and research materials;
  • Providing useful links and databases on legislation consultants (legal and individual persons), NGOs, academics and training centers, state and municipal offices, properties and others.

The activities of the department cover the following areas:

  • Forests and forest products;
  • Agriculture;
  • Environment;
  • House and garden;
  • Food and health.


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