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The Bio-Resources Extension Service (BIOREX) at the University of forestry (UF) was created as part of a project funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and was designated as an unit of LTU in 2011 by a decision of the Academic counsil of UF.

The mission of the BIOREX is to act as a liaison between scientific output of University of forestry and the general public through:

  • Creating the conditions and environment for direct contact between academia, practitioners and administration, business and the local public
  • Knowledge transfer with a view to raising public awareness of the management and sustainable use of biological resources.

Basic activities:

  • Participation in meetings to identify business problems and other stakeholders
  • Development and offering of consulting and advisory programs within the competences of the University of forestry
  • Preparation of information and training materials
    o Popular science materials
    o Brochures
    o Leaflets
    o Manuals
  • Maintaining an information web portal
  • Dissemination of information and training materials
  • Organizing “Green Academy” information events
  • Promoting the expertise of the UF by promoting the scientific expertise and consulting activities of the UF;
  • Promotion and dissemination of educational and scientific materials published by the publishing house and the academic staff of the UF;
  • Maintaining databases and providing information about consultants , non-governmental organizations, teachers and training centers, state and municipal services, farms, etc.

The activities of the service cover the following areas:

  • Forestry and forest products;
  • Agriculture;
  • Environment;
  • Home and garden;
  • Food and health.


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