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The mission of the Center for Technology Transfer (TTC) of the University of Forestry is building a bridge between science, bio-industry and structures dealing with management and sustainable use of biological resources in Bulgaria.

  • Office of the Youth Innovational and Informational Society, established within the project "Computer knowledge" of the State Agency for Informational Technology and Communications;
  • Informational Centre of Bulgarian Institute for Standardization for full-access standards;
  • Mini informational-consulting center (MICC) "IP Point" of the University of Forestry - cooperation agreement in the field of protection of industrial property between the University of Forestry - Sofia and the Patent Office of the Republic - not currently working, but when renewing contacts of the UF with the Patent Office It can be reactivated in some form.

The specific tasks of TTC - UF are:

  1. Ensuring transparency on innovative products and researches results of the UF and the existing needs of Bulgarian enterprises and provide two-way exchange of information;
  2. Support for the commercialization of researches results and innovative products of the UF;
  3. Support for the protection of industrial and intellectual property of the UF, technical maintenance and negotiation of this protection in coordination with researchers and administrative services of the business;
  4. Search for markets in applied science products of the UF at national and international level;
  5. Provide funding for applications developed from various national and foreign resources from the public and private sectors.

Main activities of the TTC

  • Creating a database of scientific products and consumer of the products;
  • Maintaining virtual office for technological transfer;
  • Conducting meetings and events for presentation of innovative developments;
  • Developing a regulatory framework for intellectual property in the UF;
  • Developing of technical, financial, economic evaluations and assessments of intellectual property of innovative products, processes or services;
  • Performing consulting or legal services related to protection of intellectual property rights of innovative products, processes or services;
  • Analyzing of the needs of enterprises of R & D activity to optimize production technologies, respectively creating or realization of a particular innovative product, process or service;
  • Developing of business and marketing strategies for market realization of specific innovative products, processes or services;
  • Consultancy services of engineering and technical related to the process of introducing innovative products, processes or services;
  • Creating prototypes of innovative products and/or processes;
  • Participation in forums.

Directions, which are targeted in the services and activities of TTCO - UF

Services and activities of the TTC will be focused in the following areas:

Technologies related with the sustainable use of resources in the forestry and agriculture
Technologies in the field of the engineering design and furniture industry
Information Technology:

  • Application of ICT in modeling of environmental and biological objects and processes;
  • Developing products "virtual reality" for the needs of education and science;
  • Application of GIS technology to assess the risk of disasters, energy potential of the forest resources, modeling of processes in disturbed areas, alternative tourism and sports activities;
  • Developing of specialized informational systems, databases and more.

Eco and energy saving technologies:

  • Technologies and Projects for reclamation of disturbed areas, protection against erosion and floods;
  • Environmental technologies related to waste management;
  • Technologies for recovery of waste, poor and contaminated plant and animal biomass;
  • Technologies for complex use of biomass for energy production;
  • Sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity (an assessment of the impacts on the environment etc.).
  • Technologies for management of soil resources with a view to reversing the effects of climate change.

Technologies related to health:

  • Informational systems for tracing the origin of the food;
  • Technologies to evaluate the quality of food;
  • Designing the environment (interior and exterior) for people with disabilities.

Consumers of the services of TTC


  • Companies using the technologies for the production of renewable energy sources;
  • Design studios serving the furniture industry;
  • Companies engaged in interior and exterior design of public spaces (interior design and landscape architecture);
  • Companies producing machines and equipment for processing of materials for furniture production;
  • Tourist companies offering alternative tourism;
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries using bio-products;
  • Mining industry (except coal and steel mining) in need of consulting for reclamation of disturbed areas.

Organizations and structures:

  • Administrative structures and non-governmental organizations that preserve biodiversity and landscape;
  • Structures managing protected areas (developing of management plans);
  • Municipal administrations;
  • Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety (BAFS);
  • Educational institutions (kindergardens, secondary schools, universities);
  • State institutions;
  • Economic chambers, associations and associations of the above sectors.

The mini information patent office is part of the network "PatLib" of the Patent Department of Bulgaria. The office was established in 2008 and during the reporting period has been regularly supplied with updated information and material from Patent Department of the Republic of Bulgaria. With that it has become a place where researchers, students, teachers and others can obtain information and advice on various issues related to the intellectual property and access to various databases and websites in connection with intellectual property. Until the establishment of the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Forestry, the patent department carries out activities related to technology transfer. The head of MICC is the coordinator of the intellectual property of the UF.
In collaboration with the Department for Harmonization of the Internal Market - DHIM and the Patent Department of the Republic of Bulgaria, the UF annually held days of brand and design community to which have great interest of students and teachers.

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