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The Research Support Centre was established in 2005 as a structure within the Research Sector of the Univesity of forestry.

The mission of the RSC is to provide the academic staff, students and doctoral students of UF with up-to-date information on open calls, forthcoming scientific forums, etc., as well as providing technical and methodological assistance in the preparation of scientific and applied projects. Within the framework of project BG051PO001- 3.3.06-0056 "Support for the development of young people at the University of Forestry", funded by the Operational Program "Human Resources Development", co-financed by the EU ESF, a Scientific Information Portal was created which fulfills the information functions of the The Center has created and maintains a detailed database with the scientific activity of the academic staff of the University of Technology.

Basic activities:

  • Maintaining the scientific database of UF
  • Maintaining R&D information on the UF in the NCID register
  • Administration of projects under OP
  • Participation in information events on project funding opportunities
  • Technical assistance in the administration of UF projects
    o purchase of project materials and equipment;
    o supplying project teams with items purchased under different procedures;
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of project proposals
  • Organizing information events
  • Implementation of the activities of the Scientific Information Center:
  • Maintenance of information expositions and boards
  • Searching for information and maintaining the created Internet portal of the information center, providing up-to-date information on:
    o open calls
    o upcoming forums
    o partnership opportunities
    o regulatory documents



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