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The Computer Centre at the University of Forestry was established in 1977. Prof. Hristo Shehtov and Assoc. Prof. Emil Lazarov worked dedicatedly for its establishment and development. Until 1983 the Computer Centre was equipped with computers IZOT-310 used only for training of the students from the speciality Computer Science and Software Engineering. In 1983 the first 15 8-bit computers Pravets 8 were bought and two study rooms for training of students were equipped. The University of Forestry is one of the first universities in Bulgaria with a modern computer centre with 4 computer rooms for training of students and 1 room for processing of administrative, accounting, applicants and other information. The rooms were equipped with the first 16-bit IMKO computers (a prototype of the Pravets 16 computers) and the available equipment was continually upgraded.

Since 1996 the University of Forestry has had a modern computer centre in the new Training Laboratory Building. The Centre provides training facilities for the students both in relation to the educational plans and curricula and local network and Internet.  
The Centre consists of five laboratories equipped with the most modern computer equipment linked in a network which provides training opportunities for the students from the different specialities of the University of Forestry. 
Apart from the regular training, the Computer Centre provides its premises for training of PhD students, post-graduate students, university staff and students from the University of Forestry. Students have free access to the Centre for their own needs under the supervision of the centre staff.
In 1998 the second stage of the university network was completed. The lecturers, university staff, PhD students and students were included in it. Through the network, set up in the University, everybody can have a free access to Internet and e-mail. Also, common data bases for processing of administrative, applicants, accounting and other documentation, can be used.
The establishment of the Laboratory of Computer Systems and Networks in 1999 corresponds to the considerable growth in the demand for computer information services and resources for the purposes of the training, scientific and research activities.
Since 2004 together with the lecturers from the Department of Computer Systems and Informatics and the Regional Academy at the Faculty of German Engineering Training and Industrial Management at the Technical University, Sofia, the local Cisco Academy (LCA-LTU) was set up with certified instructors Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Todorov and Head Assistant Dr. Radoslav Milchev. The Local Academy at the University of Forestry supports the programme Cisco Certified Network Associate (version 3.1) in the fields of Computer Network Basics, Routers and Routing Basics, Switch Basics and Base Routing, WAN technologies.   
The considerable growth of the demand for computer information services and resources for the purposes of the training, scientific, research and administrative activities of the University of Forestry determined the new structure of the University Computer Centre. Taking into consideration the gained experience of the Laboratory of Computer Systems and Networks, in 2004 the Computer Centre was restructured, focusing its activities on 4 main areas:
  • Administration of Local Networks and Telecommunications;
  • Information Systems and Internal Computer Communications;
  • WEB-based Information Services;
  • E-learning
At the beginning of 2005, the regulations concerning the activities of the University Computer Centre, use of university computer network, maintenance and development of WWW server of the University of Forestry were developed.
The main functions and activities of the University Computer Centre are in the field of: introduction, maintenance and development of information reference systems in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Higher Education and the needs of the university management; technical maintenance and administration of computer systems and networks, maintenance and development of the university information infrastructure; administration and development of Internet communications at the University of Forestry; introduction and development of new information technologies; maintenance of the information library system.
Using its traditions as well as the experience of the leading universities in the country and abroad, the University Computer Centre seeks the most effective methods and tools for application of computer technologies in the training of the future specialists in the fields of forestry, forest industry, ecology, landscape architecture, agronomy, veterinary medicine and industrial management.



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