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The University of Forestry presents two honorary awards:

Doctor Honoris Causa
The Honorary Title “Doctor Honoris Causa” is entitled to distinguished figures of science and culture for their contribution to the development of the respective scientific area. The University of Forestry confers this high academic title on researchers working in the scientific areas developed by the University: Forestry, Forest Industry, Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine.
Professor Asen Biolchev was the first person awarded the honorary title “Doctor Honoris Causa”
The following scientists have been awarded the honorary title “Doctor Honoris Causa” so far:
  • Professor Asen Biolchev
  • Dr. Burnhard Luedke (Germany)
  • Academician Mako Dakov
  • Dr. Zhelyazko Georgiev
  • Professor Geno Donchev
  • Professor Penyo Karadochev
  • Professor Ivan Dobrinov
  • Professor Andrey Raychev
  • Professor Hristo Shehtov
  • Dr. John Shafer (USA)
  • Professor Svetla Gencheva
  • Professor Nino Statkov
  • Professor Nikola Kolev
  • Professor Yordan Kuleliev         
  • Mr. Thomas Feller - Ambassador of Switzerland in Bulgaria
  • Professor Georgy Kyuchukov
  • Professor Yordan Markov
  • Prof. Dimitar Kolarov
  • Prof. Nino Ninov
    PhD Meglena Pugchieva-Alexsandrova


The Honorary Medal of the University of Forestry is awarded to persons as well as organizations. This Medal is awarded to figures of science and practice who have had significant success in their work and whose activities are closely connected with the University of Forestry. The Honorary Medal of the University of Forestry is also awarded to students for their excellent achievements in science and education.

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