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Mission of the University of Forestry
The mission of the University of Forestry (UF) - Sofia, as a State Higher School, is to carry out the state policy for the development of the higher education and science in the Republic of Bulgaria in a uniquely combined complex of specialties related to the management and technological provision of the use of natural resources, products and services. UF is a nationally recognized educational and scientific centre, called to provide highly qualified specialists with higher education, as well as to develop scientific and research activities in the fields of Forestry, General Engineering, Earth Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Plant Breeding, Plant Protection, Tourism, Administration and Management. With its highly educated academic staff of nationally recognized and internationally recognized lecturers and scientists, the University of Forestry provides personnel recruitment and scientific servicing of major branches for the country and their sectors - forestry, woodworking and furniture industry, engineering design, ecology and environmental protection, landscape architecture, agriculture, veterinary medicine, alternative tourism, etc. In this way, the main aspects of the mission of the university institution - the creation, dissemination and use of knowledge and skills for the benefit of society are covered. As an autonomous university, UF seeks to maintain and develop an academic environment in which not only the training of qualified staff is achieved, but also to educate socially responsible individuals showing entrepreneurship, adaptability and creative capabilities for successful professional realization, adopting the European values for lifelong learning and contributing to the prosperity of Bulgaria and the development of the European Union towards a "knowledge-based economy". The activity of the UF for the fulfilment of this mission is based on the country's traditions in higher education, the achievements in the above-mentioned fields with full respect for the interests of the Republic of Bulgaria and harmonization with the requirements of the European higher education and the trends in the development of the European educational and scientific space. 

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