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The museum of the University of Forestry (UF) was established on July 14, 1975 by Order N 542 of the Rector of VLTI Prof. Al. Iliev.
The idea for the museum was to reflect the development of forestry education, science and practice dates back since the liberation of Bulgaria.
The realization of this idea started during the celebration of 50 anniversary of Higher forestry education - 1975
The main objectives of the Museum are mainly in the following areas:

  -  Searching, collection and storage of archival research materials, documents, articles and other materials related to the development of forestry in Bulgaria;
  - Processing, systematization and documentary coverage of the historical development of education, science and practice of the forestry in Bulgaria, the timber, woodworking and furniture industry, the landscape architecture and environmental protection, wildlife management, agriculture, veterinary medicine, etc.;.
For the period from the founding of the Museum of Scientific archive (1975-2010) more than 940 records have been collected and classified, including:
 - Records of private individuals - documents, photos, books, memories, publications, manuscripts, awards. Also a number of paintings by our alumni were submitted to the Museum;
  - Archives of institutions, forestry services, forestry colleges, environmental organizations and other celebrations.
Materials covering the fields of education are:
  - Our forestry students abroad (France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, Yugoslavia) and Bulgaria in Sofia University and in the UF;
  - Students in the forestry colleges;
  - The forest guards, carpenters and others.
The collections in the field of science and practice are collected and continue to collect valuable materials, copyright licenses and documents relating to the development of forestry in Bulgaria and having great scientific and practical value.
Founder of the Museum and its first head was Prof. Svilen Nikolov.
Since 1989, the museum director was Prof. Georgy Puhalev.
From 2004 until now director of the museum is Dr. Ivan Paligorov.
For the period from 1975-1986, the first curator of the Museum was Veselin Dochev who made great efforts to track and store the bulk of collected materials and documents. After him, for a period of several years, curators, working engineer Maria Belyakova, Delyana Peeva and Radina Tsacheva.
Since 1998, for organizing the Museum at UF has appointed Mrs Galina Danailova and since 2010 – Dr. Evgeni Tsavkov.
Many donors have contributed subtstantially to the enrichment of the Museum and due to their courtesy, the Museum now offers such valuable materials and records.

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