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Danadzhiev family, descendants of Hristov, Dimitar

Hristov, Dimitar is a politician, publicist and lawyer who dedicated his life to the development of agriculture, protection of forestry and natural resources. He was born in 1871 in village Gradec, Kotel. He died in 1944 in Sofia. He graduated from Male High School in Sliven. He educated himself several semesters in the History and Philology Faculty of the Sofia University. He graduated law and economics in Zurich. He worked as an editor in the newspaper "Progress" and as a Deputy Director of the National Library in Sofia. He was a member of the Progressive-liberal party, secretary of the Sofia Chamber of Commerce, adviser in Vratsa and Stara Zagora’s District Court of Auditors. He was a national representative in the V-th-Grand National Assembly and in seven of the Ordinary National Assemblies - XI - XIV, XVIII - XIX, XXI. In different periods he was a trade minister and agriculture minister, minister of trade, industry and labor minister of railways, posts and telegraphs, minister of agriculture and state property.

At the initiative of Hristov, D. was formed Fund for exploring rivers and capturing Burgas and Varna’s swamps (ponds), promoting the planting, introducing the idea of fast-growing forest’s species that strengthen slopes and improve the climate. Hristov, D is encouraging the production of poultry and livestock, and their quality and mass production for export.

The will of his successors was to establish SCHOLARSHIP "DIMITAR HRISTOV". It is given to talented students from specialty "Economy of forestry" - bulgarian citizens admited state order in full-time education with honors. Funds for the scholarship are raised from renting an apartment donated by Danadzhieva, Milka - daughter of Hristov, Dimitar.

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