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The establishment of Botanical Garden of the University of Forestry was initiated in 1954 by Professor Atanas Ganchev. The main objective of the garden is to help training of students, but serves also as experimental field for studies on the biology, ecology, taxonomy and introduction of plant species, and for ex situ conservation of some rare plants.
Two other gardens are affiliated with the Botanical garden - namely the arboreta in Yundola and Barziya. The first one is situated in the Rhodopes, at 1400 m a.s.l. and the second one - in Balkan Mountains (Stara planina), at 450 m. a.s.l. 
The plant collections include both arboreal and herbaceous species cultivated outdoor, and tropical plants cultivated in the greenhouse. The total number of cultivated plants exceed 1000 species and intraspecific taxa, belonging to more than 400 genera.
The Botanical garden issues Index Seminum since 1971 and exchanges seed with more than 1200 botanical gardens all over the World.
The Botanical garden is guided by Methodical Council headed by Prof. Plamen ALexandrov.

Acer monspessulanum L.

Viburnum opulis L.

Periploca graeca L.

Name and surname Position Phone
Radka Stoyanova Velinova garden designer 91 907/251
Eng. Polina Stefanova Filcheva garden designer 91 907/251
Veska Smilenova Mateina garden designer 91 907/251

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