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Welcome to the webpage of the Faculty of Agronomy

Our mission is to train highly qualified professionals who are able to find sustainable solutions to existing and future problems in crop production, applying soil fertility and environmentally friendly practices. Our vision is that the educational process should offer:

  • high quality educational content based on the latest scientific achievements;
  • modern learning environment, provided with modern facilities, information resources and modern information technologies;
  • a favorable environment for involving students in the implementation of scientific and applied projects, contributing to the development of their innovative thinking
  • hands-on training of students in the most real-world environment contributing to their career development;
  • a favorable environment for the mobility of teachers and students, contributing to their integration in the international educational and research area.

The tasks performed by the Faculty of Agronomy in the fulfillment of its mission are:

  • active research activity of the academic staff of the faculty and regular updating of the educational content with up-to-date information;
  • continuous modernization of the educational and scientific facilities;
  • promoting the use of interactive and distance learning methods;
  • involving students and doctoral students in research activities in order to form their research habits;
  • providing mobility opportunities for students and teachers;
  • providing conditions for practical training of students in a real environment;
  • creating conditions for upgrading the qualification of the academic staff;
  • active participation in knowledge transfer projects and initiatives ensuring contact with agriculture-related businesses and administration.

The Faculty of Agriculture is currently a time-tested and internationally recognized educational and scientific unit with more than 25 years of history. An indicator of this is the high level of professional realization of the graduates, as well as the participation of the academic staff in numerous international scientific projects and expert groups. The high level of the educational process and the research activity of the Faculty is confirmed by the high score received of the accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency professional fields and doctoral programmes. According to the Ranking System of the Higher Schools in Bulgaria, the two professional fields in which faculty of agronomy provide training occupy the two leading positions in Bulgaria in the period 2012-2020.
In 2019 the professional field Plant growing was ranked first in Bulgaria. In 2021, the training in the professional field "Plant growing" was ranked at first place in Bulgaria by the coefficient calculated according to the methodology of the Council of Ministers № 328 / 30.11.2015.

The Faculty of Agronomy provides education of students in Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the following accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency professional fields:

Professional field 6.1. Plant growing:
Bachelor’s Degree, full-time and part-time mode

• Specialty „Agronomy“

Master’s Degree, full-time and part-time mode

• Programme „Plant Breeding and Seed Production of Crops“
• Programme „Horticulture and Viticulture“
• Programme „Crop production“
• Programme „Management of soil resources“
• Programme “Field crops production”
• Programme “Vegetable growing”
• Programme “Fruit growing”
• Programme “Regenerative agriculture”

Professional field 6.2 Plant protection:
Bachelor’s Degree, full-time and part-time mode

• Specialty „Plant Protection“

Master’s Degree, full-time and part-time mode

• Programme „Plant Protection“ with two specializations: “Plant Pest Control” and "Control and use of plant protection products"

The Faculty of Agronomy provides education in 11 accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency doctoral programmes as follows:

Professional field 6.1. Plant growing:

• Scientific specialty "Vegetable growing"
• Scientific specialty "Vine growig"
• Scientific specialty „Plant growing“
• Scientific specialty "Crop Selection and Seed Production"
• Scientific specialty „General agriculture“
• Scientific specialty „ Meliorations” (including soil erosion and combating it)
• Scientific specialty "Agrochemistry"
• Scientific specialty „ Soil science“

Professional field 6.2. Plant Protection:

• Scientific specialty "Plant Protection" (Entomology, Phytopathology etc.)

Professional field 6.3. Livestock Breeding:

• Scientific specialty „Special Sectors” (Bees, Silkworm)
• Scientific specialty "Genetics"

More information about the educational process at the Faculty of Agronomy can be found under the heading "Education"

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