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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Forest Industry (FFI)
Our mission is to educate and create highly skilled engineers for the wood and furniture industry and interior design of furniture and furnishing.

Our main goal and tasks are by studying the excellence of science, engineering, technology and design, through the application of experience and traditions of the leaders in this area countries through active research and development activities focused on the needs of the practice to provide quality education and training of engineers to ensure successful competitive career.

For the mission to achieve the goal and objectives, FFI has highly qualified faculty with modern material and technical base of educational and production centers and laboratories maintain close professional contacts with leading EU educational and scientific institutions, industrial companies and consultants from Bulgaria.

We are accredited by NEAA for training:

in three specialties:

  • Technology of wood and furniture (successor of specialty woodworking and furniture). The specialty is in professional field 6.5. Forestry and prepares engineer-technologists for production of furniture and woodworking (production of veneer and plywood manufacturing engineering and solid wood and wooden structures, the production of board materials, etc.).
    Specialty "Technology of Wood" now "Technology of wood and furniture," EQD "Bachelor" and "Master" is part of a regulated profession "Design Engineers" in part "Technological (Design of woodworking and furniture enterprises)", according to decree № 318 of 11.24.2016 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria to adopt the Ordinance on the state requirements for acquiring higher education (published in SG. 96 of 12.02.2016).
  • Engineering Design (Interior and design of furniture). The specialty is in professional direction 5.13. General Engineering and prepares engineers and designers of furniture and furnishing residential and public buildings.
  • Computer technology in the furniture industry. This will be the newest specialty of the Faculty of Forest Industry. The specialty is in the professional direction 5.13. General Engineering and prepares engineers for the needs of the furniture industry with competencies in the fields of digitalization, digitization and CNC technological processes. The first admission of students is envisaged to be for the academic year 2020/2021 and will be studied in full-time education. The specialty curriculum is designed in the context of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), combining the automation and digitization of production processes.
    The new specialty provides disciplines directly related to Industry 4.0, such as:
  • Fundamentals of CAD design;
  • Engineered wood;
  • Computer animation and virtual reality;
  • Computer sizing and simulation processes;
  • Cloud technology in the furniture industry;
  • Online trading in the furniture industry;
  • CNC machines and technologies;
  • CAD / CAM / CAE systems in furniture production;
  • Industrial robots and manipulators;
  • Computerized management of transport operations
    Automation of warehouses and packaging, etc.

in three degrees:

  • Bachelor;
  • Master;
  • Doctor (educational and scientific degree).

in two forms of training:

  • Regular;
  • Part-time.

The Faculty "Forest Industry" train PhD students in the following majors:
• "Machinery and equipment for forestry, logging, woodworking and furniture industry";
• "Technology, mechanization and automation of woodworking and furniture industry";
• " Forest Studies and wood-based materials";
• "Ergonomics and industrial design".

Training is conducted by 42 highly qualified teachers, including 4 professors and 19 associate professors, 19 assistant professors regular, 5 guest lecturers and 8 part-time lecturers.

To conduct theoretical training and practical exercises, FFI has specialized laboratories for cutting wood and cutting tools, Demonstration Center for Hand-held Power Tools, laboratory of automation and automation of production, educational and production center for woodworking, educational and production center furniture manufacturing, metalworking workshop.

The faculty maintains close contacts with companies from wood and furniture industry, which provides practical training for students and used as the basis for development and implementation of research projects.

In its long history FFI has built excellent relationships with related faculties and universities in many countries. The facts that illustrate its international prestige are the contributions of teachers in various scientific events abroad; excellences; won the competition for projects funded by international foundations; giving honorary titles, namely members of IUFRO; Members of the American Society of Engineers in forestry, etc .; graduates of the specialties of FFI who work or have worked at foreign universities (USA, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Chile, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc.);

Participation in international projects TEMPUS, PHARE and Leonardo da Vinci; joint scientific research with groups of foreign universities (Russia, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary); given scientific and technical assistance from our teachers organizations and companies (Nigeria, Sudan, Lebanon, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Czech Republic, etc.); won by students and alumnis of the two majors awards, certificates and diplomas at international competitions and exhibitions.

At present FFI is accredited and provides training to a total of 400 students, divided into two majors in two forms of training (full and part time), 4 degrees - "Bachelor", "Master" and "PhD".

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